What is so different about Dutch employment law?

Are you an HR-professional or a manager, working for an international company (also) based in the Netherlands? Then these workshops are for you.

The workshops are the open subscription version of a one day workshop attended by employees of multinational companies operating in the Netherlands, such as Motorola, Applied Materials, Sony, KLM, Shell and Aramco Overseas company. For tailor made or intensification of this subject, you can choose the deep dive course Dutch Labour Law and HR.

Before and during the course participants may send in or bring up current or closed practical cases for discussion purposes. During the course, reference will be made to best practices of relevant other (multinational) companies.

The workshops have been developed by Mr. Drs. Arthur Hol, who also acts as trainer. Arthur is a Partner at the Amsterdam-based law firm De Koning Vergouwen, specializing in Employment Law, is a Partner at ‘Nieuw Organiseren’ and programme director at Governance University. He is a former international HR Manager at Royal Dutch Shell and KLM.  He holds university degrees in both Law and organizational psychology. This background enables Arthur to make this workshop very practical, taking different business angles into account, as well as interactive (prior to the workshop session, participants will be invited to submit cases for discussion purposes). During this workshop / course, insights will be given into the best practices of relevant multinational companies. 


 a short introduction: